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God is at work in Mexico!


An “inmate” gives an account of the 1 Page A Day program and the impact it is having on his life.


Jeff and Susan Lamb along with Brian and Chris McPike spent a week in Ensenada in May. We were accompanied by our interpreter, Karell.

We worked alongside our local 1 Page a Day ministry team to visit 19 rehabilitation centers in just 4 days. There is a set schedule each week so the rehabs know what time we will be there. We are given a 1-to-2-hour time frame at each place. The rehabs are locked down facilities; typically passing through three sets of locked doors before arriving at the meeting area. Those inmates that have no “infractions” are allowed to attend our service. It’s a mixed group of 15 to 35 people at each place; some are eager to participate, some come because it’s a better option than staying in the bunkroom, and some are angry and don’t want to be there. No one is forced to attend, but God has the power to plant seeds in the hardest soil and the toughest hearts.

Our time with the inmates includes worship music, conversation, prayer, and a focused time of teaching. The curriculum is a blend of evangelism and training on how to have a personal relationship with Christ and live a Christ-centered life. This is good news to most inmates. They are very confused about who Christ is and what He wants for them. The traditional culture blended with their backgrounds of family dysfunction and addiction has distorted their understanding of the Truth.

It is the truth that can finally set them free, John 8:32.